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If Books Had Soundtracks

ūü¶Ď My hand-painted LP label for ‚ÄúLife Under the Sea‚ÄĚ

By Vena Paylo.


Mock LP Cover: Oahu without you

"Oahu without you," a mock record album cover by Vena Paylo

Through the magical powers of Photoshop, I’ve mashed up a vintage Hawaiian travel poster, text and grunge…and the result is an imagined record album cover I’ve entitled “Oahu without you.”

As soon as I thought of the album name I was surprised this album didn’t exist already.¬† This “record” would have all the uke, vibes and sway of typical vintage Polynesian music, but the tracks would all be sad and lonely ballads about being in a tropical paradise without the one you love.¬† Ironically, it would sound a lot like side one of The Polynesians “Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Once the sea salty tears have dried the next album needs to have more of a “take this paradise and shove it” attitude.