Month: February 2018

Yearbook Series: Constance Patricia Lee

“With friends as numerous as the grains of sands.”

Altered book: 1949 yearbook photo, decorative papers, vintage children’s book. By Vena Paylo.

Conceptual LP Series: B is for “Blizzard”

Spoiler alert:

I imagine this would be a black metal or doom record album cover.

When developing the idea I thought of a demon who slaughtered in the form a murderous storm. Snow seems so pure and clean, but that could just be its ploy.

The music, I imagine, sounds akin to being caught in a wind tunnel, hollow, mournful, pulsing and its origin and path are indiscernible.

Hand painted with acrylics on 12″x12″ canvas by Vena Paylo.

Conceptual LP Series: A is for “Acid”

Spoiler Alert:

To me, this would be the cover for a psychedelic dark-toned electronica band.

I was inspired by the Martin Denny record album cover for Paradise Moods. But I wanted to make a darker feeling image. Her hair is a halo around her, is it protecting her or exuding unspent energy?

I covered her face and hair with taped down paper and used a toothbrush with watered down paint to make the sprayed background. I used a very tiny brush to paint the illuminated hairs.

Her eye is painted a faint neon lime green which is a nod to green-skinned Frankenstein images and represents that the (imaginary) music of this “album” was created by “stitching” samples together to become an entirely new unique fully formed creation.

Hand painted with acrylics on 12″x12″ canvas by Vena Paylo.