Month: August 2016

🌴 Sway Away Sunday 🍍

Percussive Pineapples • 1961

I love & collect the cheeky MCM artwork of the Command/style LP covers. Recently found this Hawaiian themed one. (Kapp Records)

🍹 Tiki Tiki mug from Japan • She’s a wacky boozy broad with her red nose and loose inhibitions.

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Tiki Oasis, San Diego 

Last June was my 14th year attending Hukilau (tiki festival in Fort Lauderdale). This year I decided to check out Tiki Oasis, the west coast tiki fest. And it was amazing!  The hotel it’s held at was absolutely charming, draped in watefalls, spindly palms and rock alcoves. Everyone I met was friendly and warm. Artists were open and chatty. The music, both DJs and bands, was non stop and created a 60’s swanky vibe all weekend. I came home with beautiful new tiki mugs, accessories, records and even a tiki comic/recipe book. 

Sway Away Sunday

🌴 Sway Away Sunday 🌺

Primitiva • Martin Denny • 1959.

Classic exotica, one of my fave Denny LPs. Buddhist Bells is an interesting take on Asian exotica.

🍹”Queens Barrel” 40oz tiki mug • jade green glaze inside • 2015 • Designed by Tiki Kaimuki, Munktiki • Longitude in Oakland, Ca