Month: February 2016

Painting Tip:  Spill the Wine

No need to get fancy… a cheap Sauvignon Blanc will expertly sooth your aching back, hands, and self doubt after a late night painting session.

Painting Tip: It’s A Numbers Game

 paint color in storage pots by numbers For my recent painting of Charlie Parker the entire image was created in cobalt blue mixed with white or black.  

This is a common practice for me -I often work in monochromatic pallets. Through frustrating color mishaps I quickly learned that I needed a system for identifying my own mixed paints because in a wet state they can seem almost indistinguishable. 

So… As in the case of this painting which consists of many tints & shades, 11 in total, I number them according to color value.  I label them with sharpie on scotch tape so I can pull the tape off after the piece is finished and reuse my paint storage cups. 

I don’t know if other artists use this method -a long time ago I tried it on a whim and found it worked really well for me. 

If the image I’m painting is very complex I will write corresponding numbers on my canvas too. I did not for this painting.  

This is probably the only time I’m at ease with numbers. 

Happy Birthday, Nancy Wilson


February 20, 1937

Nancy Wilson is an American singer with more than 70 albums, and three Grammy Awards. …  Within four weeks of her arrival in New York she got her first big break, a call to fill in for Irene Reid at “The Blue Morocco”. The club booked Wilson on a permanent basis; she was singing four nights a week and working as a secretary for the New York Institute of Technology during the day.  …  Wilson’s debut single, “Guess Who I Saw Today”, was so successful that between April 1960 and July 1962 Capitol Records released five Nancy Wilson albums.  Wikipedia