Month: September 2015

Cocktail Hour: Tiki Bingo

tiki bingo cards and black magic at mai kai

Tiki Bingo at Mai Kai featuring the winner, Black Magic.  She’s your sweetest friend at midnight and your darkest enemy at 8AM.

Progress Report: My Train’s A Comin’

vena paylo johnny cash painting

Haven’t we all felt like this at times?  The train that was supposed to rescue you, ran off the tracks and you’ve found yourself walking endlessly in the middle of nowhere, lugging your heart around like a dead lead weight.

But, keep walking, there’s a horizon over yonder…

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You Spin Me

building with art quote

I obsessively think about art and records as much as a teenage girl thinks about that sheepish boy in class.  The one with the sexy hooded eyes and the James Dean swagger.  The one who doesn’t speak to her.  The one she’s overheard murmuring to his friends about his plans to travel alone, to Alaska.

Tattle Tales: Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For

She stood next to him, sucking in the sea air, hoping it would sober her up.  What the hell was she doing here?

The people around her were laughing too loudly and the stench of cheap fried food wrapped itself around her face like a chloroform drenched towel.

She groped inside her purse for her lighter.  She didn’t even have a cigarette, she just gripped the lighter like it was a rope and she was drifting out with the Atlantic current.  What the hell was she doing here?

She squinted in the dimming sunlight and searched the crowd for someone to notice her anguish and rescue her.  No one returned her gaze.  He gripped her shoulders and angrily looked in her eyes, “Hello, are you even here?!”

Cocktail Hour: Barnacal Bill

Barnacle Bill a tiki mug from three dots and a dash

The Dude abides.  Especially when he’s full of rum and fancy fruity stuff.  Three Dots and a Dash (in Chicago) is a cavernous, exotic hideaway, but so dark that my photo of the drink looked like something a serial killer would leisurely sip as he spotted his next target.

“Hey… this rug, that I’m about to roll you up in, really pulls the room together.“